Friday, March 26, 2010

How to write an (inspiring) creative brief

How to write an (inspiring) creative brief. This is really good. Trust me on this one. Created by Nick Emmel.


Neasa said...

I love this pres, thanks Paul.

I think it illustrates how tricky it is for people to distinguish sometimes between abstract terms. The difference between the objective vs. the method of achieving the objective, a learning vs. an insight etc.

Above all else I think the lesson of avoiding complex marketing speak and being interesting and inspirational is a good one.

Paul Dervan said...

thanks Neasa. agree, it is well done. by the way, been reading your blog a bit these days. Liked your piece on culture eating strategy for breakfast. And John's on persil. There's a wonderful book called 'Rigorous Magic' if you haven't read it that you might like. By Jim Taylor.

Jude Murray said...

Hi Paul! Regularly read your blog and think it's great - glad to see you haven't lost that ascorbic sense of humour. Any chance you could give my blog a plug? It's Thanks a lot, Jude.

Neasa said...

Great! Am always looking for wonderful books.

I'm also amused that the sponsored links on the Amazon page for it are for "Witchcraft School" and ""!

Paul Dervan said...

hi Jude, nice to hear from you. I'll keep an eye on your blog. I'm sure there's some overlap between our stuff.