A little bit more about me:

I've about fifteen years marketing experience, working mostly in Ireland, as Head of Brand for O2 Ireland, and more recently as Director of Brand for Telefonica Digital, focusing on Latin America. The work I do falls broadly under brand strategy, managing brands, creating brands, launching brands. Across B2C and B2B.

I've experience creating and marketing national brands, youth brands, challenger brands and digital brands. Years of ATL advertising, sponsorship, digital, BTL, all marketing communications, from making TV though to PPC, search marketing and social media.

I achieved the honour of winning AIM Marketing Team of the Year in 2012, our third time winning it in four years - "Paul Dervan was honoured for leading the marketing team of the year, for various initiatives such as the 02 Money Card, the 02 concert venue and its Irish rugby sponsorship". More here

I'm an experienced people manager - directly managed team of 27 and led cross-country, multi-culture brand projects. Was honoured with Award for Special Contribution to O2. Was recognized as best People Manager of Year for two years. I've just published 'Tight-loose' - a very short kindle book on performance management.

I've a Business Degree, an MBA and Diploma in Digital and Direct Marketing. I have an Irish and US passport, so can work in both Europe and the US.

I currently work in London and Dublin.

My LinkedIn page is here and email is pdervan@gmail.com

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