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Below is some of the advertising and brand development work I've done. The Bluff and The Call are two ads depicting the same hand in a poker game from two different points of view.

This was our campaign that launched the opening of The O2 venue in Dublin. The agency, VCCP made this TV ad with us. We were lucky that we managed to get the track "Cosmic Love" by Florence and The Machine just before she got huge.

Here is some lovely digital work we did as part of the launch of The O2. This was done by the talented lads in the agency Brando. Click here to see the full page takeover. And turn up your speakers.

Having tested it on a smaller scale, this was our first major social media-led  concert in The O2. While it seems the norm now, the interactive elements we were trying was all very new and innovative at the time. 

This was our launch campaign for 48 - a brand only for kids aged 18 to 22. This campaign caused equal amounts of love, hate and sheer puzzlement at the time. The brand spread like wildfire among teenagers yet is still unheard of by many people over 35 (a good thing).

Play them next - One of my favourite campaigns that we made in O2, and was a really good example of how all our media channels were used together, as were all under one team - Sponsorship, Advertising, Direct Marketing, PR and Digital. The TV ad itself was very natural and fun to shoot.

We felt this photo really captured the brief from the Play then next campaign, so used it a lot of our print and online.

We wanted to make a TV ad that we could use every Christmas. The agency, Brando, made this for us. I think it was the music track (by Sara Bareilles), with a couple of great shots (girl seeing her brother coming home) is what made it so popular.

TU is a new brand I created in my role as Director of Brand for Telefonica Digital. It is an umbrella brand created for pure digital products in communication space. More info here.

Some nice sponsorship / digital work we did when running the marketing for O2. Picked up a Cannes Lion for our efforts.

Some print / outdoor work we did for 48 in Ireland.


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