Friday, June 19, 2009

I first saw this a few months ago, and was memorized.

I first saw this a few months ago, and was memorized.

There is a lot of talk about putting money into digital marketing instead of TV. However, (I think) it was Richard who first pointed out that digital doesn't do 'emotion' very well. Clearly I'm a fan of digital marketing. It has advantages over other advertising media. But I believe its real strength is not actually in advertising e.g. banner display ads. No offence meant lads, you do some of the finest digital advertising I've seen. But digital's strength is in its intimacy and closeness. See my tumbleweeds ramblings for more on this.

This ad demonstrates that, when done right, a TV ad can still invoke an emotive feeling better than any other advertising medium.

I suspect I've watched this about 40 or 50 times. Visually it is just stunning. I love the music track. It is called 'To build a home' by Cinematic Orchestra. It was used in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Worth listening to it in full here. I downloaded the album after a few listens.


Robert Coyle said...


Love the ad, we used a similar effect in our current ad for Sqeez Pure Orange Juice shot a few months ago. (

I cannot agree more with you on the TV vs. Digital debate. Media choice should not be seen in terms of TV or Digital but rather what each medium brings to the table.

TV or Cinema is best for scale, emotional impact and narrative capabilities. Digital is best up close and personal. I tire of zealots from the Digital Space pushing their "TV is dead" agenda. VHS, DVD, Cineplexes, and the internet have not killed TV and nor will they.

The difference between a good or bad campaign is not the medium. It is the idea.
Let the objective inform the idea. Let the idea suggest the medium and you will not go wrong.

Long live TV.
Long live Digital.

Paul Dervan said...

cheers Robert.