Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't make me think. Part 2

I wrote about communicating sale offers in an earlier post 'Don't make me think'. My view is, where possible, don't talk percentages. People are too busy to figure them out.

Today, in my local shop, I bought these two products. Both offer 100% free - but Ballygowan advertise theirs as "Buy one bottle, get one bottle free".

Clearly there is not full consensus among marketing folk on this. I suspect I'll continue to have these debates.


Anonymous said...

Its an interesting debate, is there any research in the area?

I fall on the side of tell people what they are getting, don't ask them to work it out. But can it work for all products, let's say a can of your favourite soft drink is offering you more, does saying 11cl extra mean anything, or is this a case for saying 33% or an extra 1/3 free?

Paul Dervan said...

fair point conor. you could say "this much free" and show by the measure. The problem with the 100% photo i posted is it doesn't look like 100% either in the yellow strip.