Monday, March 24, 2008

What about the ones that don't respond?

I seem to have a lot of conversations about typical response rates. A few things come to mind...

While typical rates are useful to know, my view on this is that it really is difficult to predict a response if you haven't tested the campaign in advance. Needless to say the response will be better if you are talking to the right people, whom ideally you have some sort of (good) relationship with, at the right time, about something they are interested in.

And while we sometimes get caught up debating what response is considered good, it is just as important to understand what response you can afford. If you're advertising expensive cars, you can probably tolerate a lower response than if you're advertising a car hire. Again, as long as it is still profitable.

On saying that, a chart like this does help predict a possible range of responses. I know many people often seem surprised how few actually click on online (display) ads - so this is good to manage expectations. I found the chart here.

Finally, in our digital age, I honestly feel it is important to think about the vast majority of people that do not respond. If the chart above is correct, and only .1% are responding to your email shot - what do the other 99.9% feel about you interrupting their day?

They may not mind if they like your brand and feel you actually thought it was relevant - but I wouldn't count on it.

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