Monday, March 24, 2008

Segmenting based on whether you read or write a blog...

Forrester Research has some interesting stats on groups and how they use social technology. They've classified them into six groups:

Creators - who publish blogs, upload music etc
Critics - who comment on blogs, rate products online etc
Collectors - who use RSS feeds, vote for online sites etc
Joiners - who visit and have profiles on social networking sites
Speculators - who read blogs, read online forums + customer reviews
Inactives - who don't participate in any of above

The thinking is that companies and brands can use this type of segmentation when deciding how best to engage their customers. Pop over to their site and you can build a profile based on your own customers' ages, countries & genders.

There is a new book Groundswell on the way about this from the same people (which Seth Godin recommended recently). I've ordered my copy from but looks like it won't be available till June. All sounds very interesting.

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