Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Usability useful links

I teach a class once a week on digital marketing. It mostly covers the promotional 'P'. I thought it would be a useful exercise to share the links, resources and others thoughts here.

This week's is usability. I think I first came across website usability when working for Interactive Return - now owned by Radical.

Some links:

Two to the most popular books back then were Jakob Nielson's Designing Web Usability and Steve Krug's 'Don't make me think'. Both still popular.


seo philippines said...

These are good resources. You can learn a lot from the tips and scripts posted.

Rex Studios said...

The first two links don't seem to be working any longer.

Fred said...

I've got another useful link for ya - check out this sponsored content page views estimator. It's really helpful for figuring out if getting a sponsored post on a certain site would be worth it or not!

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