Saturday, December 5, 2009

Any brands doing good radio ads?

Can anybody think of any brands that consistently do good advertising on the radio?

Just wondering.


Unknown said...

i think the failure of brands to develop a consistent strategy for the use of radio has 2 dimensions-the client vision of what radio can do is essentially short-term and tends to be 'instant-results'orientated which does'nt really allow for brand personality sustainability-then agenciies are caught insomuch that there instinct is to go for a creative approach but their pragmatism is borne out in hard message recognition/delivery(is that necessarily commercially wrong?).it is up to the advertising agency to effectively argue the case for radio which is still ultimately the theatre of the mind.and there are plenty of rubbish plays!ultimately then radio advertising is kind of like waiting for godot!

Unknown said...

McDonald's and the LVA are consistently good.


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, the "Power of Radio" Ad, advertising the benefits of the radio medium, is superb - and I second the LVA and McDonalds.

Interestingly, all three examples are created by Cawely Nea TBWA (promise I don't work for them, though both companies are owned by Omnicom!)

So many brands/agencies find radio a really difficult creative nut to crack though - which is such a disservice to radio as a medium. I blame the death of the copywriting art.

Lisamaree said...

BEN DUNNE!! I laugh every single time I hear that ad' "don't use it any more"

Seriously, my life's ambition is to have a product advertised on the radio by Ben Dunne. xx