Monday, December 28, 2009

Amazon Remembers

I've been buying books from amazon on my phone for a decent length of time now. But only just downloaded the amazon iPhone app. As my previous amazon experiences on my phone have been seamless, I expected as much from the app. I was not disappointed.

But they have a nice extra. Called Amazon Remembers. You take a photo (of anything) with your iPhone and click submit on your phone screen. Then the nice folk in Amazon scurry off and see if they can find it for you in their store. When they do, they'll send you an email - so you can buy it from them. They'll also post your photo with a link to the product on your homepage. Nice eh.

I tried it with a book cover. And it worked fine. As you'd expect with a book I guess. I also took a snap of the front of a Samsung netbook. And they found this too. I'm impressed.

It's a wonderful example of making an app that thinks intelligently about the customer circumstances - and not just a replication of the internet for your phone. No doubt they'll get a higher share of my wallet.

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