Monday, July 20, 2009

Download 'Free' by Chris Anderson

Saw on Le Craic's blog that Chris Anderson's book 'Free' is available (for free) for a limited period. See his post for more details.


Kevin Dunne said...

Thanks for the link Paul. I wanted to get this book but the credit card is maxed!!

Will L said...

Seems like a gimmick so that Chris Anderson can craftily elude the charge of hypocrisy.

Ever since I heard him discuss his new book on the BBC World Service back in Jan, I have been very curious to read this. Despite Malcolm Gladwell's scarthing review recently, I think Anderson is onto something here.

Sadly, as often as I may try, I simply cannot enjoy reading PDFs. I have also tried and failed with various i-phone reading apps, Kindle and Sony Reader.

Alas,there is no substitute for curling up with an absorbing "real" book.

Paul Dervan said...

cheers lads. I haven't downloaded myself. Wouldn't work on my mac. I prefer a real book but am willing to read online if free...

le craic said...

Cheers for the linkin Paul.

@Will L - Less of a gimmick, more of a necessity given the title. None of the UK ebook stores are giving it away for free so I reckon the publishers over there want to give it away.

Anderson actually makes that point in one of the chapters about people still prefering analogue books rather than digital.

Personally, I'm using the Sony Reader more and more now especially for non-fiction business related books such as Free. It does take a little getting used to though, but the more books you read on it, the less your brain "rebels" and says "this should be paper". I definitely believe there is a big mental block because we are so used to paper books.