Saturday, July 18, 2009

Design display ads with Google

Now, I suspect creative folk will hate this. And initially I was sceptical. Surely you can't reduce advertising to this? But the reality is this has a use. And I like it. If you don't have budgets for an online agency to make your banners ads, this could be for you. It allows you to upload your brand colours, fonts, logos etc.

Of course this is no substitute for high-end online advertising but would be a substitute for low end digital work. You can even work up the suite of different banner ads you need.

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Anonymous said...

Man, every time something like this comes along, the comment is 'creatives will hate this' - - as if us creatives enjoy cramming copy into pointlessly tiny banner ads only to have to redo them all five minutes later because the market's changed... know what creatives hate? banner ads. And yes - advertising very much *can* be reduced to this, 90% of the time anyways.