Monday, May 11, 2009

McCann Erickson have a (nice) blog

The folk in McCann Erickson have a new blog.

Actually, their entire website is a blog. I'm impressed. We've had a debate before (the world doesn't need any more websites) on whether most companies really need a static website and a blog. For me, this suggests they know what they are doing. Good stuff.


Unknown said...

Many thanks Paul, we've only just gone live with it so appreciate the goodwill!

old fart said...

You can't leave comments which leads me to believe they're not really sure what they're doing.

Makes me feel like they're talking at me, and not interested in a conversation.

Anonymous said...

You can leave comments, By the title of the blog entries you will see a number in brackets click on that and scroll down and you'll see where you can leave your comments.

old fart said...

woo hoo. I'm off.