Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who in the world would you most want to blog?

Image courtesy of Dave & Bry

If you could read, and respond to, the daily thoughts of any one person today or in the history of time, who would it be?

Your favourite writer perhaps? Movie actor or director? A musician you love? Sporting hero? Business leader or marketing guru? A politician or world leader you admire? Journalist? An academic you want to learn from?

Too difficult to choose just one. I can immediately think of several that do not, or didn't, blog (as far as I'm aware) - John, Ed, Paul, Jon, Peter and Jorge.

Of course, having them blog is not just about reading their thoughts. If it were just this, you could simply read their books. It is more. It's the commenting and hoping to god you don't sound like a fool. It's the interaction and this intimate connection with your heroes that it so exciting.

Who would you pick?

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