Monday, December 1, 2008

I think (RED) is genius

I think (RED) is very clever.

Their product branding is top class, differentiated and viral in its nature. But their real marketing genius is the business model. Buy stuff that you would buy anyway. And some of the money is used to help people suffering from AIDS.

Clear. Simple. Easy to understand. It's a great idea.

For example, if all else is equal among credit cards, I'd choose the (RED) American Express. They donate money each time the card is used. Good for American Express. Good for (RED). And it would make me feel good.

So why don't I have a (RED) credit card? Same reason I don't have any (RED) products. I can't get them here in Ireland. I've tried. I even tried to buy some GAP clothes but was unsuccessful. Although I used to have a very cool (RED) notepad that I picked on holiday in New York.


Anonymous said...

are you sure you cant get them in Ireland? Thought BT did some.

(RED) is good and clever. In fact its so clever that you may even think that a nice chunk goes to charity? Not the case.

This is a for profit organisation.

I have nothing against that but what I do have a bit of a problem with is they way they position it to be not fully clear on how much goes to the cause

If you are looking to do something good with your credit card you can get one of these affinity cards...same principle

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul
This is a great idea. Like you I wish it were more available in this market. I did manage to pick up a couple of (RED) T-shirts in the GAP concession store in Arnotts. Not sure if they are still in stock though.


David Quinn

Paul Dervan said...

Conor - do they not say what they give? How odd. The idea / model is still good though. Didn't realise they were for profit, although I've no problem with that either to be honest.

thanks David. I was commenting on your lovely Godfather pizza ads in an earlier post. Interested to hear your comments if you get a chance.