Saturday, November 29, 2008

City maps filtered by mood

Found, via Ana Andjelic, an interesting take on city maps.

Instead of the typical stuff you see on all city maps, Andy and his collaborators have broken out maps by how you might be feeling on any given day. So you can view things to do in New York if you are feeling energetic. Or broke. Or romantic. Or hungover. I found a bar that serves happy hour pints for $3.

Not sure if there is anything like this for Dublin or any other Irish city?

Ana's blog is worth a visit if you're a marketer.


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, makes sense too (ie makes you wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before).

Anonymous said...
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Andy Whitlock said...

hello folks.

Paul, thanks for the post. Ana, thanks for banging the drum some more! All very much appreciated.

More cities are coming and Dublin won't be missed. I promise to be less cryptic soon. ;)

Anyone is welcome to get in touch via this email or through the I Feel site. Paul, would you mind scrambling my email address here though - to avoid getting spam. Make the @ [at] etc... ?

And please do get involved and start adding to the maps. It's a bit clunky at the moment so I appreciate people's patience. It will get better!

Paul Dervan said...

Sorry Ana. Deleted your comment by accident while trying to amend Andy's email address. Sorry again:)

Anonymous said...

hey paul: no problem.

andy: sorry for putting you email address with "@"

Andy Whitlock said...

haha. no worries. see what censorship does - I destroyed a very positive review. ah well ;)

Anonymous said...

Some colleagues, Michael Daly, Gerard O'Neill and Liam Delaney recently released a website that gives details of some experimental work they were doing linking GPS devices, heart rate monitors and day reconstruction information. This is available below. The pictures are due to Michael and some very useful software