Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Direct Response was my first love"

I started out in direct response.

Mostly because I had tiny budgets and needed to show results immediately. So I read everything I could find about direct - Drayton Bird, David Ogilvy, Graeme McCorkell, Denny Hatch, Bob Stone, John Caples, Claude Hopkins...

I admit that there was a stage where I was only interested in direct and had little patience for anything else. Since then I've grown an appreciation and a respect for 'general advertising' as David Ogilvy calls it.

However, I agree completely with him when he says that everybody involved in advertising should be skilled in the basics of direct response.

Found video via Conversation Agent

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Nick McGivney said...

He wrote the book, did this guy. Ogilvy on Advertising. I still have it somewhere. 'Direct Mail: My first love and secret weapon'. How wrong is it that I should still remember chapter headings?

He really did great things in the world of advertising.

But he did the braces too, didn't he?