Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guinness Storehouse photo competition

Image courtesy of NIKONDAVE

The lads in digital agency Cybercom and have created a photo competition for the Guinness Storehouse. They are looking for the best Storehouse pics. If they like yours, it will feature in their impressive Guinness Storehouse 3D Gallery. There are monthly prizes and an overall cash prize of €1000 for the best pic.

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Click here for more info on how to enter the competition.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for picking this up!

We are really excited here about the Guinness Storehouse competition as it’s great example of our ability to open up the core Pixie platform to 3rd parties on a commercial basis. Brands wishing to leverage the Pixie community and platform infrastructure can make use of our API and skinning capabilities in order to achieve deep integration and brand continuity for events and competitions. As Damien points out... why try to build this stuff yourself!

There’s lots more happening in this space so keep an eye out!