Monday, July 14, 2008

The 'crucial bit' is coherency

While I'm not overly fond of the actual executions (except this outdoor ad), I think Club Orange's latest advertising campaign is pretty solid.

'Some bits are crucial' is consistent with many of their previous advertising campaigns during the years. They have actually been talking about the 'bits' for a long time. With good reason, as this is linked to why we should all drink Club Orange. As explained on their site: "it’s all in the bits!! Club uses over 11% fruit juice and contains real orange bits, making it a premium and great tasting product".

But for me anyway, the idea itself felt a bit weak in the past.

For example, a previous TV ad, Club Steam, shows a guy dancing naked in a steam room with his bottle of cold Club Orange, only to notice at the end that a few girls are in the steam room watching him. And we're told "It's a Club Orange thing, when the bits kick in". This feels a little vague to me.

However, their "Some bits are crucial" idea is stronger. No ambiguity here - choose Club Orange because it has bits of oranges in them, and this is the crucial part to a quality orange drink.

But it has also given them more scope to play with very different executions while having a coherent campaign.
  • For example, their TV ad, produced by McConnells, is about a guy 'Jumping Jack', that tries to jump a load of trucks on a honda 50, but forgets the ramp. The ramp is the 'crucial' bit.
  • Their online video, produced by vstream, is a video about a couple of dolls trying to get it on, but they can't because the male doll is missing some 'crucial' bits.

  • I spotted this clever outdoor ad in Ranelagh, where the 'crucial' bits are the large bolts keeping the billboard up.
The TV ad, online video and billboard look nothing in common - and this is perfectly ok, as the idea is coherent across them all. This coherency is in fact the 'crucial bit'. The lazy route might have been to copy and paste a scene from the TV ad onto the outdoor ad and host the TV ad online.

The online presence is not as seamless as it could be.
  • For example, there is a (nice) site dedicated to this campaign called which shows both the TV ad and the online video but doesn't have any info about the '11% fruit juice'. I found this at the site. Is there a need for two sites?

  • And if you go to, there is no reference to the campaign at all. In fact, an older TV automatically plays as soon as the page is loaded. Which is a pity. But these things happen, and I'd say this is result of internal processes, as opposed to just not thinking about it.

  • Finally there is a facebook page set up, which is a nice idea in theory, but I wonder if this will be maintained? Maybe it will.

Overall though, I like it.


Anonymous said...

I like the new campaign. They had the guy from the motorbike ad walking around the top of Grafton Street a couple of weeks ago and he had the ramp but no bike. He was kitted out in the jumpsuit and basically talking to people. Great idea.

Paul Dervan said...

hi Stephen, I like it. You get any pics of it?


Padraig said...

Paul, you could have said: Though Club have been talking about their "bits" for years!
Wasted opportunity

Anonymous said...

Sorry Paul, I never got a picture. Good idea though