Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why do marketers dumb down communications?

Why do marketers dumb down communications?

The worst examples are 'enter to win' competitions. You know the formula...we're asked a simple question and given three possible answers, but two of them are not only incorrect - they're often not even real words.

Why do brands do this? Is it because:

(a) They think we are not up to a difficult question
(b) They want as many people as possible to enter
(c) They are lazy

Which is why it is refreshing to see the above. Google did this when recruiting. They wanted smart, curious people - so they made their competition difficult. Those that figured out the problem were directed to a webpage asking them if they'd like to apply for a job with Google.

Brands communications that involve us more can often leave us feeling more rewarded.


Rob said...

Is there not some legal requirement for questions to be dead easy? Or did I just imagine that?

Rob said...
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Paul Dervan said...

Nope, but given how poor they are, I can understand why we might think that.