Friday, June 6, 2008

Lynx Wash Me

I write about Lynx a lot.

Now I'm guessing this would grab the attention of their target audience of teenage boys - and most men, regardless of age. This execution itself reminds me a bit of the famous 'Hello Boys' Wonder Bra ad. And while sex sells, it's not just sex, Lynx always add their cheeky sense of fun.

Lynx must be one of my favourite 'advertising' brands.

I'm not sure if their products are actually any better than those of competing brands. But if all the products are pretty much the same, this battlefield is fought on the marketing communications field. And this is where Lynx's expertise clearly lies.

This above ad is not a new one. It's a few years old, but still great. Found via Ads of the World

Other Lynx ads include Lynx Pulse ad or Getting Dressed


B said...

That's great!

Usually the people who write "wash me" on a car struggle to spell the two words though. said...

Here at The Picture Works we print and distribute Lynx Postcards and they prove very popular. I also love the website.

Rafael said...

anyone knows the name of the model?