Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to get your first job in advertising

A live chat with Dave Trott on Scamp's blog generated some good discussion on planners, copywriters, art directors, agencies, good ads, bad ads, lazy ads, lazy students, good students and advertising in general. They racked up an impressive 245 comments.

The original topic was whether Mr Trott's classic "How to get your first job in advertising" is still relevant today, 30 years after it was first printed.

Most people felt the answer was yes.

I had not read the booklet before, so downloaded it for free from here. It is concise and drenched in commonsense. You'll enjoy it.


Darragh said...

Excellent, thanks for the pointer!

www.thepictureworks.eu said...

I got this book with the June issue of Campaign. It really was a good read

Paul Dervan said...

He mentioned a couple other books worth reading too - one being the clasic: Ries + Trout's "Positioning, battle for your mind"