Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just finished Groundswell this weekend. I'd highly recommend it to marketers, although I've promised my copy to a friend that works in research, as this is very relevant to her too.

Part one is about understanding the social technologies and how your customers are currently using them. This covers off the tools + technologies as well as explains why all companies really need to get their heads around this. I particularly like their profiling of consumers by their use of technology. I posted about last month at Segmenting based on whether you read or write a blog.

Part two looks at strategies for tapping into this groundswell - from listening to energising your customers online. Part three is about how companies are affected in far greater ways once they embrace the groundswell.

There are lots of case studies here - Dell, Dove, Mini, P&G and lots more. I particularly like their classification and their reasoning when matching strategies with customer type. This is good stuff and even your more advanced digital marketers will find this useful.

Co-author Charlene Li has kindly agreed to do an interview with me in the next few weeks, which I'll post here too.


Anonymous said...

I managed to bag a free copy as they were doing a promotion for bloggers recently. I'll post a little about it too once I've received it in a few weeks time. Certainly seems very interesting.

Paul Dervan said...

cheers le craic. it will be good to get your view as somebody well versed in this stuff.