Monday, May 5, 2008

Paddy Power looking for a financial blogger

Image courtesy of Wallyg

I read on Damien Mulley's blog that Paddy Power are looking for a financial blogger.

I'm impressed.

Anything to do with stock markets, spread betting, trades, stock prices etc is a massive source of conversation and opinions online. Like any betting brand, Paddy Power want to get close to these people online. With a brief like this, I'd guess many Irish brands would simply buy some advertising space on existing sites or on blogs and hope to get more than 3 clicks per 1,000 page impressions.

Assuming this is their plan, I'd say Paddy Power are going about it the right way - joining the conversation and investing some time in it. Fair play.

Other brands should take note and do similar. How expensive would it be for a travel brand to support some enthusiastic Irish travel bloggers? Or any entertainment brand to do similar with music or movie fanatics?

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