Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is 'The Farm' a premium restaurant?

Is 'The Farm' a premium restaurant?

I haven't been there yet but given that it is located on Dawson st, it specialises in organic food and its authentic-sounding name - I'd have said yes. I'd take a stab and say they are positioning themselves to sell high quality lunches at a slight premium?

Which is why this picture feels wrong.

There is nothing wrong with hiring somebody to stand with a street sign...but it is not the kind of advertising you expect from a premium brand.

Granted, it's a small thing. But brands are complex and it's funny how small things can affect our perceptions of a brand, even on some sort of subconscious level. You want your brand to feel premium at all touchpoints.

So what could they do different?

Given their focus on food and the earthly 'homemade' feel to their brand, perhaps instead they could hire some folks to give away small food samples? This would get more people to stop, try their food and give them an opportunity to talk up their menu.

I plan to drop in and check out the place soon.


Anonymous said...

I'd be thinking along the lines of an eco banner along the lines of what Innocent do with their vans.

Paul Dervan said...

hi Piaras, thanks for the comment. Yes, love their vans. They really get bang for their advertising buck.