Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brands need to think like Radiohead

I love this. I really do.

So firstly Radiohead allowed fans to decide how much to pay for their 'In Rainbows' album. Now they're getting fans to buy their new track 'Nude' in its raw format, making it easy for fans to re-mix themselves. Fans can then upload their re-mixed tracks onto and we can all listen to and vote on the best tracks. Radiohead will listen to the best tracks.

I mentioned here that I planned to talk a bit about brands and their online strategies. It feels that for many brands, this means pumping out some advertising online. Sure, advertising may be necessary, but the real opportunity is figuring out how to use the closeness of web 2.0 to engage customers. Everybody is so close. Fans can talk with their favourite author, actor, sports athlete and of course their favourite band.

Make no mistake, Radiohead want to sell music and this latest bit of digital marketing will help them do this a lot more effectively than a suite of banner ads. I see that there are literally thousands of people voting for the mixes they like.

It would be great if they stepped it up a notch and allowed the re-mix with the most votes to be sold on itunes - and gave a kickback commission to the talented fan.

Thanks to Matt Dickman for original post.


Anonymous said...

Paul -- I am glad that you liked this post. I think it's a great way to get fans engaged and allow them to create some awesome content in the process.

Paul Dervan said...

thanks Matt, if you see more good examples, please post about them.

Anonymous said...

They are so innovative. A brand in their own right?

Paul Dervan said...

yep. no question about it.

Kevin Dunne said...

Hey Paul, I thought you'd be interested in this after reading your post. Madonna is releasing her new album 'Hard Candy' on mobiles before it hits the shops.

Vodafone has secured a deal that will allow it's customers to donwload a song from the album each day before it's available anywhere else.

Over 7 days, customers will have exclusive access to a new track and will have to pay 49p to download it. Check out for more info.

Paul Dervan said...

damn them:) nice though.