Thursday, April 17, 2008

595 comments on article

I suggested in a recent post that the website would be more engaging if they opened up their articles for comments. And sooner the better if they wanted to keep their visitors.

They should look at

The Economist site welcome comments...and they are better off for it. A recent article about Tibet and the Olympics prompted 595 comments in the past 8 days. This is no longer just an article or a journalist's opinion. It has become an engaging and honest debate where we can all participate, argue and, who knows, even change our minds.

I've alway been impressed with The Economist as a brand. They do charming advertising, intelligent relationship marketing and they are clearly doing the right things online.

Of course they are perfectly positioned to capitalise on web 2.0 since they are in the content business.

But then again, so are RTE.

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