Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rate your ad

Wouldn't it be interesting if websites allowed their visitors to rate the ads they are exposed to? If the ad is annoying you, just rate it with no stars and send the feedback back to the brands. Better still, what if you could rate 'no star' - and it disappears off your page.

No doubt this might scare some websites, the brands and their agencies. But I honestly think many brands would actually welcome this, allowing them to understand the affect their ads are having beyond the like of click thrus.

Sure, lots of people don't want any advertising and may click 'no star' for them all but this is not a bad thing. Surely most advertisers would prefer not to spend their budget trying to talk to people that have clearly stated they don't want to see the ad? And as a visitor, I think I'd be happier with the website for giving me the option to give my feedback and allowing me to stop seeing the ad.

I suspect we'd see far higher interaction than most online ads get.


THE KK LIST said...

I really like this idea...but how about taking it further, setting up a site to rate all ads, tv, radio, print, outdoor. I have often heard comments on the radio where people are saying take that ad off the air it is wrecking my head, I personally turn off the radio when I hear the ads. Maybe marketers believe that this is a good thing..."people are talking about us...we have cut through" But is it the cut through they want?

Unknown said...

I just came across this discussion you were having about the time I was working with my coder to create a website for this purpose. It's called OneClickDaily (, a place where you can rate your ads. There's one new billboard every day, and sometimes when you click it you'll find a special deal offered by the advertiser. This concept offers new opportunities to consumers and unprecedented feedback to companies. As you mentioned it can be extended across multiple forms of media, but since launching on June 8, 2008 we have been testing the use of graphics only. Tell your friends and let me know what you think! Best, Greg

Unknown said...
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