Monday, March 24, 2008

Lynx ads - the phone dump

I've always been a fan of Lynx's advertising. They understand that young guys (I know...all guys) want to score beautiful women and all their ads hammer home the same message - "Use Lynx and you will".

You have to admire this strategy though. Their product presumably smells or performs no better than any other deodorant and teenagers presumably don't actually believe the claim. Surely this is a brand built on classic 'image' advertising similar to what Levis did so well in the 90's - before people realised that there was nothing premium about their jeans, except the price.

On saying that, Lynx are probably not the most expensive brand on the marketplace, so don't play the 'premium' card. And they create great ads that people like, laugh at, and remember - which keeps their brand top of mind when it's time to buy again.

I like their latest Lynx Dark Temptation (with the guy in chocolate) but prefer the "Phone Dump" - part of their "Get in there" series.

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