Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ikea cats ad

We were just talking the other day about how all ads are hanging off 'happiness'. And perhaps the push for happiness is a bit over done at times. But...I do like this. I look up each time it is on.


Elaine said...

I saw this ad the other night. Yes I'm a cat person and I love it. But I thought.... just say you're not a cat person. Do you hate it.

Surely not. But lots of people....wait for it... hate cats!
I don't understand it but I'm not sure they'd feel too happy about this one.

But am I looking too much into it. Miaow. (that's cat speak for maybe).

Conor Byrne said...

Funny you should ask Elaine....I really (really) don't like cats...and this ad does nothing for me, to me its not cute, its creepy!

Paul. said...

I don't like cats either. Elaine does.

Eoin Kennedy said...

Coming late to this but but my wife has an absolute phobia about cats so hates the ad altogether. Me I dont mind them but the idea of cats crawing over something that I would later look to buy does very little for me. Maybe I am focusing on the wrong part of the ad

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