Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flipboard - when amateur and professional mesh

So I went off and got myself an iPad this week. Very exciting. At the moment, it is more like a big phone than a small computer. I like it. Videos look great and it is wonderful for the internet, although I'm missing firefox and a few other bits and pieces. No doubt these things will catch up.

So far the best app I've downloaded is called flipboard. This is a reader that aggregates stories, articles, videos and other stuff from a variety of sources - Wired, The Economist and loads others. When reading it, you literally flip over the pages like you would a magazine. Very very impressive.

But here's the most interesting bit. It also aggregates your facebook and twitter feeds. And formats them professionally with quote marks, proper headlines and page layouts like a magazine. Suddenly I'm flicking between paid journalists from top media sources and comments from mates' blogs. All looking very professional. Elegant is how others call it. I agree.

And you can reply and comment through it to twitter and facebook. In fact, this has me using twitter again, at least as a way to favourite articles and reply to good stuff. Damn.

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Katcal said...

Must admit it's my favourite app too. Makes everything look soooo nice...