Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've read the reviews. And I clearly don't need one. But I'm getting one.

Experts say that many purchases have an emotional and rational aspect. We know that our emotions dominate our rational thoughts. But when selling anything, we need to give consumers the rational reasons as well - not because this will persuade them - but it allows them to post-rationalise their purchase.

Which leads to this "my wooden floors did cost a bit more, but re-sale value of the apartment is now better and they are easier to keep".

Nothing wrong with that. But I'm going on record to say that I have no rational reason to buy the iPad. I can post-rationalise my iPod, my MacBook and my iPhone. They all serve real needs (in my mind anyway). And I don't think the iPad can do anything new or much better than my other Apple stuff.

The other thing we know is consumers often need permission to buy or own something. For example, in the 1990's lots of men liked Porsche cars but didn't like the image Porsche drivers had.

Anyway, at the digital festival yesterday, digital guru Russell Davies said he was going to get himself an iPad.

And that's all I needed to hear - I've pre-registered for mine.


Lisa said...

We can run Grace App on the iPad Paul. Steve Troughton-Smith the developer of Grace has an iPad simulator up and was spacing out the app on the DAY of the release.
Which will be great for CP and people with limited motor skills.

And I think the iPad is pretty. So I want one too. xx

Paul Dervan said...

hi lisa, I saw the stuff on Grace App on the news. Hope all is well.


Nick McGivney said...

I can tell you're excited, Paul, just by the way you left the typo in your blogpost title. (But I hope you've got patience too. I hear there's a little delay at the Willie Wonka plant.)


Paul Dervan said...

damn you Nick and your copywriting eye:)

I guess I'll wait so.

Peter Floyd said...

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