Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you ever think about your career, you'll enjoy this.

This is the Ted Talk I listened to the other day while walking around town. If you ever think about your career, what you should be doing, what does it all mean - do listen to this. It is sharp, funny and makes lots of sense.


Kevin Dunne said...

Hi Paul, I remember chatting to you about audiobooks. I was saying I enjoy reading rather than listening because I tend to take notes and underline bits. But this was before I actually listened to an audiobook.

I just finished Richard Branson's "Business Stripped Bare". It's read by Richard himself. I thought it was fantastic. Quite inspirational.

Audiobooks are perfect for me on my journeys at the weekends. I know you'll enjoy me admitting you were right!!

Richie Fitz said...

Great video - cheers for sharing. That guy writes for Monocle - a excellent current affairs and design magazine edited by Tyler Brule - worth checking out.

Paul Dervan said...

@ Kevin - not at all. I like the old fashioned book too, but audio has a role for busy folks like yourself.

@ Richie. Thanks. I was very impressed with him.

Anonymous said...

Good speech....& great explanation for any failings along the way:)