Thursday, April 23, 2009

More strong outdoor: Dove

This Dove ad is another example that follows the principles of good outdoor execution: Single image. Simple message. Clearly this is just one execution from a very famous campaign. However, it would still make sense if you were not aware of previous ads - comprehension is strong. The contrast between the girl and background is strong. Lots of white space. And the product shot increases comprehension and helps branding.

The headline is relatively short and easy to read, although font size may be a bit small for outdoor.


Nick McGivney said...

It really is a certified no-brainer. And those who get it right quite clearly and obviously get it right. So why do so many balls it up? Is it that they're small, have a limited budget, need to maximise it and have to put the sink in? I don't buy that either though. Maybe for Joe's Cars down the alley, but I see too many sizeable names with strong brand recognition still overloading the messageboard. And you could run a series of posts on the use of disastrous colour use alone. When I see yellow text on white, I stop trying to read the message and instead put the entire campaign in the mental bin. A lot of fundamentals are chucked to the side, all the time . That's what really tears me up. The frequency of stupid mistakes.

Paul Dervan said...

'Discipline' I think Nick. And perhaps pressure from non-marketers to try and get a load of info into the ad? I have a mate who is client-side (in a financial org) and says this happens a bit.