Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not original ad. But I like it.

I like Saatchi's flash mob ad for T-mobile. Presume most of you have seen it by now. If you haven't, it is worth a watch. It is genuinely interesting to watch and there are some great moments.

It is not original I know.

I immediately thought of the video above. A flash mob kissing video filmed in Dublin's ILAC centre which Darragh posted last Oct. This too captured some great little moments.The tone even reminded me a bit of the Love Actually scene I mentioned a little while ago - celebrating life, relationships, living etc.

And many others have pointed to the Improve Anywhere crowd as the original source of this creativity.

Does it really matter that the ad is not original?

I'm told the beautifully filmed Sony Bravia Balls ad was not an original idea. Came from here. It's very possible that flash mobs is still niche, and hasn't been exposed to mass audiences. If so, Saatchi are moving quickly to try and 'own' this trend for their client. Fair play to them.

Forget ads for a moment - how many movies are truly original? If an ad engages us, and perhaps make us smile, surely this can't be a bad start?

I can think of a lot worse.

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