Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free books. And lots of them.

I tend not to write about the iphone here, because I market it as part of my job. (But I talk about it all the time to friends and colleagues. I'm convinced it has made me a better person. Yes, I'm saying I'm actually a better person because of my iphone.)

Anyway, while traveling over the holidays, I've been listening to audio books on my iphone. I've downloaded - and paid for - books from itunes. Some good. Some not so.

But I've also started to read books on my iphone. A few weeks ago, I downloaded a wonderful (and free) book reader iphone app called Stanza, thanks to a recommendation here from Russell Davies. If you have an iphone, and like to read, take a moment to download Stanza. There are loads of free books to read.

I'm reading the very enjoyable Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig. You can also find classics like The Art of War, Darwin's On the Origin of Species, The Prince, Dubliners by James Joyce, War and Peace and lots more. You can also buy books. I haven't yet, but read here that nine of the NY Times top ten 2008 bestsellers are available on Stanza too.



Nick McGivney said...

iphone... pressure... mustn't look... can't breathe... pushing down... can't escape must escape can't breathe...
(God. Not even Jan 1 yet. Gonna be a long year...)

Anonymous said...

And the Blackberry Storm has made me a worse person. Im bringing it back (well Im going to try...lets see how that goes with my mobile phone operator!)

Unknown said...

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