Saturday, November 22, 2008

Barclaycard Waterslide Spoof

Not bad at all. You can see the original ad here and also a link to the making of it in the comments.

I'd seen the spoof on a couple of blogs last week, and had planned to share here. But more interestingly (to me anyway), I was then contacted by Unruly Media, asking if I'd like to share this on a commercial basis. They are a viral video seeding specialist, seeding this on behalf of Specsavers. Essentially I'd get paid for each UK visitor that watches it here.

I checked Unruly Media out and I'm impressed with their progressive and transparent code of ethics. They don't ask me to say I like a video or anything else.

Not sure what you think, but this might be a viable way for bloggers to make a few quid, without putting ads on their site. If the content is something I'd be already interested in sharing or talking about, and I'm not compromised in what I can say, then this might be a good thing?

I'm not against putting ads on blogs, but the 12 cents I'd make a month is probably not worth it just yet.

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Daniel Oyston said...

mmmm, not sure it is just the ethics of the seeding company we need to worry about.

While this is relevant content for your blog, and you were going to show it anyway, and many others had already shown it, then it is fine.

But how many bloggers out there will have their ethics tested for the chance of some cash?

Maybe I am worrying over nothing as those that would actually make some serious cash out of seeding an ad are the exact ones who get the ethics and the importance of value already.