Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brand warns us not to buy their product unless...

This tv ad might not be beautiful, but I bet it works. Apologies, I couldn't paste the ad here but here is a link.

The idea, as I see it, is to let us know that this is strong stuff. Potent almost. Not just let us know - to warn us about their drug. It is powerful, and they take this power seriously - "With all power, comes responsibility".

The bit I like is that they suggest Solpa-Sinus might be too powerful for some of us. "If you need something powerful, take Solpa-Sinus. If you don't. Don't".

This honest recommendation that we shouldn't take it unless we're really hurting adds credibility. We expect companies to try and sell their product to as many people as possible. But not these guys. So, we're left thinking - 'this stuff must be mind-blowing'.

And of course, mind-blowing is exactly what anybody with sinus wants. Of course we all want something powerful. Nobody wants mild, medium or gentle. Just hit me with the good stuff.

I like it.


Benny said...
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Jack son said...

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Jhon Perker said...
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