Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why are recruitment brands are still commodities?

Little Gordon, via Adland.

I've often wondered why recruitment websites let themselves be seen as commodities.

Are they not all the same? Same jobs to be found. Same processes. And little done to differentiate one from the next. I even suggested a couple of months ago that they could learn from Pdiddy.

Shame, when you consider how interesting they could be. These recruitment brands could credibly talk about so many things that we are interested in - our jobs, careers, management, employee motivation, time pressures, work/life, education, the future. The list goes on. But they don't seem to have a view on any of this stuff.

Which is why the above video was refreshing. A bit of personality. A bit of fun. And relevant. You'll find more Little Gordon videos here. Pity they didn't incorporate this site directly into instead of having two sites.

Also refreshing is the stuff are trying. I read recently on that they are now using facebook, bebo and twitter. I had a look. Didn't see much activity on bebo or facebook but looks like they are using twitter regularly. If nothing else, these initiatives allow us to get a feel for the people behind Recruitment Ireland and this is a good thing.

Pity they have no blog. Or at least I didn't see one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul - I think! *lol*

Paul Dervan said...

you're welcome:) I'd be interested to know if the activity influences how your brand is perceived. All good I hope.

Anonymous said...

Very clever, did feel a little uncomfortable when they had the kid cursing, but yes I did laugh!

Anonymous said...

Its difficult to measure to be honest - it certainly gives us more exposure though and its always a bonus to be perceived as innovative within an industry - as opposed to doing something for the sake of doing it, we try to make it as "human" as possible and use it to give the brand a personality!

Anonymous said...

And now the blog is live Paul - would appreciate any feedback...