Friday, May 9, 2008

We don't trust online bloggers

Interesting post from Jeremiah Owyang highlighting some forrester research that we (well, americans) don't trust reviews from online bloggers - compared to other review sources.

I'm sure this depends on the integrity of the specific bloggers. But I was surprised all the same.

Bloggers aside, Jeremiah makes some great points about how marketers can use these various trust sources to build trust with consumers.

More here.

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RedCardinal said...

own to all the pay-per-post and review-me stuff. Unfortuantely bloggers became compromised when they started being paid to write reviews. You can well imagine that they were unlikely to write negative reviews as that would affect their ability to attract new review requests.

Thankfully this is no where near as prevelant, but I imagine a lot of damage has been already done.