Monday, April 14, 2008

Sony Foam City

Another via Scamp.

This reminded me of a recent article in Campaign magazine about how the Sony Bravia Balls ad and Honda Cogs ad have kicked off a whole genre of "feel good / folky" trend in advertising.

This ad is beautifully shot but throwing stuff down a hill has been done before....

If you have a few mins spare, there are some great comments on Scamps blog worth reading "It feels like Fallon are happily perched on the top of their London advertising hill mindlessly chucking different things down it now, come on pitch for mini babybel and lets have a cheese rolling contest."

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Anonymous said...

Just watched this and I really like it. I agree it has been done before, but done by Sony right? So in a way does it not make sense for them to do a similarly themed ad for a different one of their products. I found it really watchable (dare I say engaging) and noticed people with cameras the whole way through. For what its worth....I think it makes sense