Monday, April 28, 2008

Be interesting

The Korean baby video in previous post went viral simply because it is interesting.

So how can brands learn from this? interesting. Keeping with the music theme, Gibson are doing something interesting by providing music lesson videos at their site. This is a real value-add for their customers and a perfect link for a brand that sells musical instruments.

Hopefully they'll encourage customers to upload their own lessons or maybe set up a forum for people to buy + sell lessons from each other. How good would it be if they persuaded Eric Clapton or another guitar legend to provide a few lessons?

Surely any food brand or restaurant could provide cooking videos? I couldn't find any with the exception of Jamie Oliver - a very strong brand in his own right. I'd love if the Bombay Pantry in Dublin would upload some videos.

I stole the Gibson example from Jason Falls. He has lots more examples on how 'content is king'.

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Anonymous said...

There was someone texting the Ray Darcy show this morning saying he is learning guitar on you tube. It is a great add on. I wonder do people, let's say like the Bombay pantry, worry that if they tell people how to cook their food they won't buy from them. I don't think so, but I wonder is that how they think?

I wonder what charities can learn from this. Straight off I think of all those charities recruiting for the mini marathon, couldn't one of them do training online?