Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why are big companies afraid of getting personal with their customers?

Why are big companies afraid of getting personal with their customers? Even if they don't mean to, the perception is they are hiding behind a wall of customer service people.

When quality no longer differentiates and customer service is expected, surely now is the time to get personal.

So picture this - next time you buy something, you find a business card in the box with your purchase. Like all business cards, it has an employee's (real) name, (real) mobile number and (real) email address. The card would not be that of a customer service agent, rather it would be belong to one of many employees that work in any of the various departments e.g. John Smith, R&D Dept.

Alongside the card would be a short note that reads something like this:

"While we are very proud of our customer service centre, it's always nice to have details of a real person. I'm not in customer care but if for some reason you are not getting the service you expect, drop me a mail or call me and I'll look into it for you. So feel free to hang onto my card or save my number in your phone contacts"

I don't know about you but I'd keep the card. I might never call but I'd probably tell a few people about how this brand seems to actually give a shit.

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THE KK LIST said...

Ironically is one of the hardest websites to communicate with. They wont like me for saying it, but it is next to impossible to actually get to communicate with a person with a query that isnt on their list.