Saturday, March 29, 2008

Video advertising in Google

Just read that Google have introduced video ads into their search results. I can't imagine all Google users will be happy with this - could be the start of advertising clutter on their nice white clean pages. Although I believe that the video won't appear unless you click on a dropdown text link first.

I haven't seen any of the ads myself but, from an advertiser's viewpoint, I like it. If I'm searching for a car, I could see myself watching a car video. Search aside, this must open up lots of new ways for brands to do clever integrated campaigns using offline advertising to direct them to Google.

I wonder will we see lots of small and local businesses looking for ways to produce their own low-cost videos to upload. Might be an opportunity for some sort of marketing / advertising / production / PR / online agency to provide this service...

Original article + image found here.

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