Monday, March 17, 2008

Brands want a dialogue but not ready to talk

So many brand people talk about building relationships with customers, creating a dialogue with them and turning them into advocates or fans. Yet it's difficult to find many brands that actually hang around to have a dialogue (to talk).

Take Xbox Ireland's bebo page. This looks good, is well branded and has lots of potential. They even have 1200 friends on the page who leave regular comments. Clearly people are interested in Xbox. The missed opportunity is this - there seems to be no interaction or conversation from the people behind Xbox. I scrolled through three weeks of comments and didn't find a single comment from the people behind the page. Now, they could be replying through mail but from looking at the comments, I'm guessing they are not.

Why invest in a branded presence on bebo if you are not going to talk with your customers there?

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