Monday, October 20, 2008

What is the most inspiring thing your manager has said to you?

This post is not connected to marketing or advertising. It's about people and their jobs. The tenuous link of course, is that the people I work with are primarily responsible for advertising. And their efforts ultimately determine how good or bad the end result is.

So I've a selfish reason to try and understand what motivates them. Which is why I picked up "The three signs of a miserable job". Yes, I'm guilty again of judging a book by its cover. It's a fable for managers, which sounds naff, but I enjoyed the book.

So the three signs?
  1. Anonymity - Nobody wants to be invisible. We all need to be appreciated and recognised, ideally not just by peers, but by people in charge.

  2. Irrelevance - We need to know that the work we do matters. We don't have be changing the world. But at the very least we need to know that our work matters to our boss.

  3. Immeasurement - We all need to be able to measure our progress. Our results. And we need to be able to see this for ourselves.
I'm always a bit sceptical of simple solutions laid out in books. However, it's not a bad starting point when organising or structuring roles. I might add my own views in another post.

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